Exercise with Type 2

Because exercise has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do to manage your disease. When you have Type 2 diabetes, your insulin is impaired (also known as insulin resistance). It means that your body produces insulin, it just can’t be used effectively. Exercise helps improve your body’s ability to use the insulin your body makes.

For many individuals with Type 2 diabetes that begin an exercise program, their medication needs are reduced, because the exercise is meeting many of the needs that your medication was providing. Keeping in close contact with your doctor is important in this process, as only they can help you make the decisions around your medication.

For individuals with Type 2 diabetes who take insulin (and even some oral medications) exercise must be approached carefully. Since exercise has some of the same effects on the body as these medications, there is a concern of low blood glucose. As mentioned earlier, your medical provider is the best one to review these concerns with, as well as precautions to take other than those provided on this site.